Maverick Football and Cheer was established

2004 –


Maverick Widget Football were the  Superbowl champions.

Maverick Lightweight Cheer took 1st, JV Cheer took 2nd at IVYTFL Cheer Competition.

2013 – Maverick Lightweight football were Divisional Champions and the Superbowl Champions.
2014 Maverick Lightweight football were Divisional Champions and the Superbowl Champions.









Maverick Youth Football tested the water in National Tournaments Maverick football 11u became The Battle of Spartan Nation Tournament Champions. They also went on to The National Championship in Dallas Texas and Took second place.

Maverick cheerleaders placed at all levels at IVYTFL Cheer Competition Superlight took 2nd, Lightweight took 1st, JV took 4th,Varsity took 1st.

Maverick Junior Varsity were Divisional Champions and took second placed in the Championships. Lightweight football took second place in the Championships.

The Maverick 12u became Champions at  Monster of the Midway Tournament. They also went to the National Championship The Battle at Rocky Top in Tennessee and took 3rd.

Superlight and Lightweight cheer took second Place at IVYTFL Cheer Competition

Superlight cheer took second place at IVYTFL Cheer Competition

Lightweight, JV, and Varsity Cheer all took 3rd place at the IVYTFL Cheer Competition.

Lightweight and Jv went undefeated were Divisional Champions and Super Bowl Champions!


Join the Maverick Youth Football family and deliver world-class sports training, and plenty of fun, to young athletes. 


We’re currently looking for coaches with a passion for teaching. We take pride in our coaching prowess. Here are a few qualities we’re looking for:


  • Played yourself at the high school or college level

  • Great sportsmanship

  • Ability to motivate

  • Flexible hours

  • Ability to travel 25+ miles to and from event destinations


Please contact us if you have questions about coaching. We will perform a background check on all applicants. 

coach Opportunities

As a parent of a young athlete, you appreciate how dedicated coaching combined with a fun environment can make all the difference. We produce sport experience that your child will talk about for years.


Our coaches has guided their own kids up through the ranks of youth sports with great success. In many cases, they've coached their own kids' teams - so they know first-hand how you feel. Your athlete will rave about their summer when they spend it playing sports with Maverick Youth Football and Cheerleading. 

Who We Are

Our History

Maverick Youth Football and Cheerleading

  Cheer Levels 
Level               Grade

Dynamites          Kindergarden  
SuperLight Weights 1st-2nd 
Light Weights   3rd-4th 
Junior Varsity           5th-6th                                 
Varsity                 7th-8th

Football Levels and Weights

Level                  Age             Weights
Dynamites                                               5-6                                       No weight Limit

SuperLight Weights                            7-8                                         80 pounds
                                                              7-8 striper                             90 pounds
                                                              9  after Sept 1st                     65 pounds

LightWeights                                        7-10                                         100 pounds
                                                               7-10 striper                              110 pounds
                                                               11 after Sept 1st                        85pounds

Junior Varsity                                     8-12                                          125 pounds
                                                             8-12 striper                              135 pounds
                                                             13 after Sept 1st                         95 pounds

Varsity                                                  9-14                                        160 pounds
                                                              9-14 striper                            195 pounds
                                                              9-14 double striper               275 pounds or under      

Double stripers for the Superlight weights, Lightweights, and Junior Varsity need Illinois Valley Youth Tackle Football Leagues approval.